Gadhimai Animal Sacrifice – Shame for Nepal


Gadhimai Animal Sacrifice – Shame for Nepal

“Land of Buddha and Peace” or “Land of Babaric Mass Animal Sacrifice”?

Hundreds of thousands of innocent animals are set to be slaughtered during two-day religious festival which starts on 17th of November (Mangsir 1) this year at Bariyarpur, Bara District.

In 2009, about 10,000 innocent buffaloes were brutally slaughter along with 250,000 smaller animals (goat, chickens & pigeons) in the name of offerings and sacrifice to the “Goddess of Power, Gadhimai”.
In 2014, 6,000 buffaloes along with 100,000 smaller animals lives were brutally taken.

Such inhuman treatment towards animals is shameful for Nepal. And in recent days this activity has gained an international condemnation calling it ‘religious madness’.

Nepal is Preparing for Visit Nepal 2020, in an effort to increase Tourism and publicize Nepal’s Beauty and Peace at world stage.
But at the end of 2019, the world will be witnessing this brutal animal massacre once again. So called Land of peace will never be glorified by such inhuman activities.

We can stop this animal cruelty and violence, and set a true example of “Land of Buddha & Peace.”


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