Meeting – Discouraging Animal Sacrifice in Gadhimai – Huge Achievement.


Meeting – Discouraging Animal Sacrifice in Gadhimai – Huge Achievement.


FAWN has organized a meeting this afternoon with Temple Committee at Maha Gadhimai Municipality in the presence of Cheif District Officer, Superintendent of Police, Mayor of Maha Gadhimai Municipality and different advisors and stakeholders.
The meeting was a big achievement and it was very fruitful. Few decisions were made by the Temple Committee to discourage the Animal Sacrifice at Gadhimai Festival.

1. Anyone who kills pigeon will be punished and the pigeon conservation will be done at Gadhimai Temple premises.
2. Alternatives of Animal Sacrifice could be a donation to the Temple Committee which can be used for the development of Temple.
3. Any kind of Awareness program will be supported by the Temple Committee.
4. Religious ceremonies to be conducted by the Temple Committee where the awareness messages will be spread.
5. Categories the animals according to their age and below age will not be sent for sacrifice.

We are very thankful for the decisions & commitment made by the Temple Committee. “The changes take place step by step and it is happening.”

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