Federation of Animal Welfare Nepal (FAWN) is a national association of organizations working in animal welfare sector in Nepal. It is established as a lobbying entity for animal welfare with a purpose to institutionalizing animal welfare in Nepal.
Mission of FAWN
FAWN works to save, protect and improve the lives of all animals in Nepal through advocacy and intervention for animal welfare.
Vision of FAWN
A develop Nepal as a cruelty free nation.
Objectives of FAWN
  1. Collaborate and coordinate with animal welfare organizations for a proper implementation of rescue and rehabilitation activities and spay neutering projects.
  2. Engages member organizations and stakeholders collaboratively through research, lobbying and education to advocate for the animal welfare.
  3. Support member organizations in networking, training, action-based research and mobilization when needed.
  4. Organize national level training, workshops, and conferences related to animal welfare.
  5. Provides expert advice to governments and other organizations and helps to draft and amend laws and guidelines.
  6. Coordinate collectively with government authorities to introduce animal welfare education in Nepal’s education system.
Members of FAWN
  1. Ms. Sneha Shrestha (Sneha’s Care) – President
  2. Mr. Khageshwar Sharma (HART) – Vice President
  3. Mr. Bikesh Shrestha (SPCA Nepal) – Secretary
  4. Mr. Gaurav KC (Save The Animal Nepal) – Treasurer
  5. Ms. Pramada Shah (Animal Nepal) – Founding Member
  6. Mr. Ishwor Thapa (Voice of Animal Nepal) – Founding Member
  7. Mr. Rupak Koirala (Sneha’s Care) – Founding Member